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KUBB Tossing Game - The Viking Game


This is a full size Swedish COMPETITION KUBB GAME, made of 100% Solid Hardwood. It is designed to the weight and dimensions of the kubb sets used at the World Championship in Gotland, Sweden (15 lbs).

The travel bag is monogrammed with "KUBB - THE VIKING GAME" in gold. This sleek, easy-to-pack travel bag for your game is made of a 600 denier polyester fabric. It has sturdy coil zippers, a shoulder strap and an extra outside pocket. The bag has a P.V.C liner and is water resistant.

About KUBB


KUBB is a cross between bocce ball and horseshoes but with variations to make the game more interesting and challenging. Unlike those games, KUBB can be played in the snow. This tossing game is addictive, employs skill and strategy, and has sometimes been called The Viking Chess Game.

Origin of the game: Kubb (pronounced Koob Translated as Log or Block Game) is a very old game whose origin is uncertain though thought to be French. Whether its beginning was in France, or it was the inventive imagination of some young Scandinavian children a millennium ago, we may never know. But what is known is that it was widely played over 1,000 years ago by the early Scandinavian Vikings and has been played on the Island of Gotland in the southern part of Sweden throughout the centuries, where it has persisted to this day. Its popularity has increased in recent years to the point where an international competition is held yearly in Sweden.

Because of its name, "Kubbspel", which means chopping block game (or fire log game), one can easily imagine how in the Viking years it was perhaps a favorite past time of the young Scandinavian children sent to collect firewood.

Give KUBB as a Gift


KUBB - The Viking Game is a unique gift for the "hard-to-buy-for person" or someone who "has everything." This ancient, low-tech game is also ideal for children over 5 years of age up to and including seniors. It requires no batteries, just the natural enthusiasm that comes with playing the game KUBB.

Played in the grass, beach, or snow makes it great for:

  • Christmas Gifts
  • No worry about: Will they like it? or Do they have one?
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Increasing in popularity with numerous price ranges available.
  • Birthday Gifts - EVERYBODY has a birthday
  • Graduation Gifts - Perfect at the graduation party!
  • House Warming Gifts
  • Other ideas for KUBB: Family reunions, Company picnics, Festivals, Back yard fun - you can mix ages in the same game, Arrange tournaments or competitions
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KUBB Tossing Game - The Viking Game