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Koob Game, a Traditional Viking Game

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Koob™ is an outdoor/lawn game played by teams of one to six people. The playing area is flexible and doesn't require any special preparation. Koob can be played on grass, sand, or snow. Indoors, Koob can be played on carpet, mats, or rubber court.

Koob is made of durable, renewable, hardwood and is entirely self-contained. All the pieces and the rules come packed in a zippered, durable shoulder-bag. The detailed instructions contain tips on strategy and are printed on waterproof paper.

The object of the game is to topple all the koobs or blocks on the opponent's side of the field. But don't be fooled. Using an underhand throw at blocks close to the ground is more difficult than it sounds. And you may have as many as 10 koobs to hit with only 6 throwing sticks!

The game begins with an area approximately 5yds x 7yds. Just pace it off and mark the corners with the pegs. Five blocks, or koobs, are set-up on each of the two baselines. The king is placed in the center of the playing area.

The team to start is determined by an initial toss of sticks. One member of each team throws towards the king and the stick that lands closest to the king, without knocking it over, indicates the team to go first. Each team throws six sticks per turn trying to topple the blocks on their opponent's baseline. Once blocks are knocked over, they are in play. The strategy of the game is in managing the blocks that are in play. A team wins by toppling everything on their opponent's side of the field and then knocking over the king. (Don't worry, complete instructions are included with the game.)

Players of different abilities (or kids and adults) can play Koob together because the more skilled player can play a pace behind so each person can play at their own level. The area of play can also be shortened or lengthened depending on the skill of the players.

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Koob Game, a Traditional Viking Game