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How to play Koob (game rules)

Koob is played with 2-12 players divided up evenly between two teams. It can be played on about any flat area. Use the pegs to mark off a rectangular area that is approximately 5yds x 7yds. Place the king in the center. Both teams then randomly place five blocks (koobs) on their baseline. To see who goes first, one person from each team tosses a baton at the king. The closest, without knocking the king over, goes first.

The Basic Rules Of Koob

Objective: Tip over all of the opposing team's koobs and then tip of over the king.

Team 1 starts things off by taking position behind their own baseline and tossing the six batons at any of the opposing team's koobs. You must toss the batons underhanded. Spinning, "helicopter" type, throws are not allowed. Be careful to not tip the King over! If a team knocks down the King before they've knocked down all of the opponents' koobs, then the game is over and that team looses.

When Team 1 has tossed all six batons, Team 2 tosses any koobs that were knocked down back over into Team 1's half of the playing field. The tossed koobs should be stood up again wherever they land. You get two attempts to land each downed koob in the opposing team's half of the playing field. If you fail to do so, the opposing team gets to place that koob wherever they would like. Placing these koobs behind the King is a popular strategy.

Now it is Team 2's turn to toss the batons. Any koobs that Team 1 knocked down and were thrown back onto their side of the field must be knocked down first. Only after that can Team 2 attack Team 1's five baseline koobs. If a koob on the baseline is knocked down before a field koob, then it is set back up again.

Play continues with each side taking turns throwing the batons until one team has knocked over all of the opponents' koobs. When a team succeeds in knocking down all their opponents' koobs, they must knock down the King. When this happens, they win the game.

Illustration of Game Setup

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How to play Koob (game rules)