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Corn Toss / Cornhole Bag Sets (2 sets of 4 bags)

All-Weather Bags for Corn Toss & Cornhole games!

Do you want your bags to be of the highest quality, consistent, and last you a long time? If Yes then you need our Innovative All-Weather Bags.

- Two Sets of Four Corn Toss Bags (total of 8 bags)
- Choose Your 2 Colors (red, blue, orange, black, yellow, green)
- Regulation 6"x6" size
- Regulation 14 oz. weight
- Synthetic Cotton Polyester Blended Fabric - Custom Made for the Best Bags
- Plastic Pellet Filled - All-Weather, Never Breaks Down, Consistent
- Factory Made = Consistency & Quality!
- Literally Thousands In-Stock - Ships Immediately!

No longer will you encounter the moisture problems, quick breakdown, messy dust, or threat of animals stealing your game bags found with natural corn filled bags! These are the best bags on the market and the only All-weather and factory produced.

Limited Warranty: Product carries a 60 day manufacturer's warranty against defects in material or workmanship. If product tears, breaks or otherwise has problems within 60 days of delivery due to defect in stitching, material, or other workmanship defect, we will gladly ship a replacement for the affected bag free of charge.

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Corn Toss / Cornhole Bag Sets (2 sets of 4 bags)